In the summer of 1963, American Rupert Brigg travels to Athens to collect classical pieces for his Uncle William’s art collection. Rupert’s first discovery, however, is that Athens is a shadowy place that hides a tangle of political subterfuge, duplicitous women, and fork-tongued diplomacy—a city of replicas and composites that calls to question what is real and what is false. As Rupert hunts for his treasure, he finds himself on the secluded island of Aspros, one of a circle of artists and aristocrats who show him that he’s not the only one with secrets. For as beautiful as Rupert’s discoveries are, beneath the surface lurk rumors of insurrection, fabrication, and even murder.

"A deeply complex, emotionally and intellectually rewarding novel about the lengths people can go to, to make themselves into the people they wish they were."—Booklist (starred review)

"Stylish...Fascinating."—The Seattle Times

"Scenes on the lush Greek islands reverberate with some of [Murray's] most evocative writing."—Chicago Tribune

"An enticing, slyly entertaining novel."—Bloomsbury Review

"Subtle, sophisticated, and deceptively smooth, FORGERY breaks through our artful surfaces to examine what lies beneath."—Andrea Barrett