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Tales from The New World

In her first collection of stories since her PEN/Faulkner-winning The Caprices, Sabina Murray delves into the minds of the most intriguing explorers and reimagines the pivotal and private moments that earned them their place in history.

"Murray writes of Italian noblemen, Africa chiefs, Russian prisoners, Australian Aborigines, even Aztec kings; of times and places, horrors and joys; of oceans, deserts, starvation—of quite simply everything—very beautifully, bringing it all close to us, to here, to now."—New York Times Book Review

"By some force of prose brilliance or act of poetic magic, Murray hypnotizes the reader."—Elle

"Murray’s spirited writing is rooted in humanity and creates a fine sense of the real behind the lore."—Publishers Weekly

"VERDICT: Plenty of historical facts for those who love travel, but primarily readers of literary fiction will want to jump on board."—Library Journal