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The Human Zoo

Paperback availabe November 2022

Valiant Gentlemen

Following the life of knighted humanitarian and Irish revolutionary Roger Casement, Valiant Gentlemen was a 2016 New York Times Notable Book and included on the Washington Post Best Books of 2016 list.

Tales of the New World

Men and women—eccentrics, scientists, criminals, scholars, and artists—are lured by the unknown and driven to pursue it.

The Pequod, Gabriel Hennessy


Rupert Brigg questions the authenticity of everything, even himself.

A Carnivore's Inquiry

Katherine shea has strange appetites, a love of art, and a string of unlucky boyfriends.

The Caprices

PEN/Faulkner Award winning collection of short stories

Slow Burn

The dark underbelly of Manila society in the decadent eighties.

Grandaddy and Lolo