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photo credit John Cairns


"This is a tongue-in-cheek take on gothic fiction, though the stories don't veer into humor or parody; rather, Murray tweaks familiar elements. …There's a dark energy that looms over each of the stories, with most of the characters being academics, art historians, or artists. Horror readers who enjoy more prosaic elements will admire Murray's drawn-out, elaborate pacing. Overall, it's a well-written, satisfying collection with mystery elements for fans of Sarah Waters and Kate Morton."—Booklist

"I binge-read this book, savoring the gothic creepiness at the heart of each tale. Packed with compelling, nuanced lives and the deaths that haunt them, each story is a séance—an invitation for unsettled spirits to let their presence be known, "desperate for someone to supply the narrative". Murray supplies it with great style and an uncanny knowingness, leaving room for our imagination to fill in the suggestive spaces with our own dark dread."  MONA AWAD

"Moors, mists, and mirrors: all expected in classic ghost stories. Careening cars, TV sets with minds of their own, and cellphones: Welcome to a new iteration of spectral spookiness… each tale presents a uniquely crafted poltergeist. These are not your father's ghost stories." –Kirkus Reviews